Night Diving

Make a virtual night dive with these photos from various dive sites!

  • Untitled-2
    Coral polyps and Featherduster Worms feeding at night

    Color head at night
    Basket Starfish feeding at night
  • Sleeping Tang is disturbed by the dive lights
    Mr. Crab looking for food might become dinner himself if the night divers spot him
    Mr. Crab may become dinner himself
    Night Dive Squirrelfish June 1983
    Neon Gobies on night dive off Hollywood Beach FL 1979
  • Bugs on Night Dive Nov 1983
    The corals extend their polyps to feed at night
    Parrot on Night Dive May 1983
  • Plane wreck night dive - Cozumel Mexico 1983
    Squid suddenly appear from the dark
    Night Dive Anenome May 1983
  • Untitled-6
    Trumpetfish glides into the light - Hollywood Beach 1978
    The coral polyps at night - macro
    A ghostly stingray glides off into the darkness
  • Spanish Lobster unwillingly poses for a photo before going into the game bag for dinner
    Inside a south Florida shipwreck during a night dive
    Wreck Night Dive 2