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Lobster, clams, shrimp
Chicken fryer or thighs
White Onion
Tomatoes. boiled and skinned (fresh or canned)
Red bell pepper, skinned (or not)
Chorizo or spicy sausage such as hot Italian
Chicken broth
Olive oil
Valencia rice
White wine
S & P


1. Cut up lobster in shell. Drain claw liquid if Maine lobster.

2. Cut up the chicken. S and P and fry in hot oil skin down until brown.

3. Chop onions, garlic, tomatoes, bell pepper, and sausage.

4. Saute vegetables in olive oil.

5. Simmer saffron in chicken broth.Add rice (velencia?) and cook a few minutes.

6. Add a little dry white Spanish wine.

7. Add chicken broth (3x amount of rice) with saffron.

8. Place chicken in pan skin side up.

9. Add uncooked clams, lobster, shrimp.

10. Add peas. Do NOT stir rice.

11. Place in oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or until done. Or cover and simmer on stove top until done.

12. Sprinkle with parsley.